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Afinastar Entertainment

Making Media and Entertainment Personal and Predictive

The entertainment business (books, film and music) was among the first to be disrupted by digital. In fact, pioneering digital native companies took the high ground by applying Code Halo thinking to better target and understand consumer tastes and preferences by decoding meaning from digital fingerprints left by their every interaction and transaction on their websites and across social media.

About Afinastar Entertainment

Afinastar Entertainment is an independent artist management & PR company based in Northern California’s Central Valley. We provide services to manage actors, musicians, personalities and much more. Our primary objective is to work with a range of artists that include independent artists, actors, musicians, book authors and much more. We believe that credibility, quality and popularity are not mutually exclusive.

One of the best parts about the entertainment industry is that there’s a lot of overlapping and incorporation. So we use our connections in music, film, television, and online to help facilitate the process of getting great music, books, and artwork into various projects, even ones we’re not directly involved with.

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What Else Does Afinastar Entertainment Offer?

We are glad you asked COMING SOON!! Afinastar Entertainment will soon offer talent for hire. This platform will give clients the option to take a look at the available talent in specific demographic areas that we have available for an event, concert, wedding, or corporate social events.



Are you talented? If so, what are you doing about it? Just what is your talent?

We are always looking for talented singer/songwriters, artists, dancers, models, DJ’s and much more.

If you are a dj/electronic music producer, we would love to hear from you. You can give us a call or submit your demo here through the link that has been provided

Since we sometimes receive loads of collaboration requests, please be sure to follow these guidelines.


1) Contact us only if you already have something to listen to. Otherwise your mail will be ignored if there is nothing attached.

2) Always send at least one song/demo or streaming (youtube/soundcloud) links of your songs. Gives us a better feel and idea of your music genre and style.

3) Acoustic versions/music submissions are much appreciated, with pianos or guitars.

4) Include links to your artist social networks profiles /website

5) If you can shoot a professional music video, it’s a big plus and it will immediately put you on top of the list.

6) Please, send good quality demos and email to info@afinastar.com Attention: Talent.

Thanks for the opportunity in advance ..

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