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Zonofy is the world’s first crowd-sourced music talent discovery and video entertainment platform! Not only do we offer our users and visitors dedicated music video entertainment but we also provide an opportunity for unsigned musicians to get heard by some of the most exciting record labels and producers in the music industry. At Zonofy.com you – whether you are an unsigned musician or “just” a guy or a girl with a great voice or another music talent – can upload your video and by doing so, you get the chance to be heard, get feedback or maybe even get signed by a record label!

So how does it work? By utilizing public opinion! Meaning that the users and visitors of the site can cast their vote on the music videos they like. The different top 5’s each month will be forwarded to A&R divisions at the record labels whom Zonofy cooperate with and to music producers, song writers and media within the music industry. In addition to all that Zonofy offers a great entertainment platform with music videos where you can be inspired or get feedback on your music. So take a listen to great music while helping the talents out there becoming the stars of tomorrow!

With our knowledge about the music industry, we have built up during the years, we know how frustrating it is to sit with the potentially next “big thing” and not knowing how to be discovered by the right people. So if you are blessed with a great voice, amazing guitar skills or made the next big hit on your computer at home, you can upload your video at Zonofy and you are, with the right number of likes, guaranteed to be heard by people who can help your dreams come true! Remember, Zonofy is for everyone! Whether you upload your own songs or cover songs and whether you have instrumental skills or are just visiting for great music and entertainment, Zonofy welcomes you.

Cast your vote and help us help the talents out there, and at the same time tell the music industry what YOU want to listen to!

Be discovered – be Zonofied!

Zonofy Channel TV

Zonofy is a platform primarily intended with the purpose of:

•connecting musical talents with the music industry (record labels, music producers, songwriters and media)

•offering a dedicated platform for amateur and unsigned musicians where they can upload their music videos, receive feedback and be inspired by other users

•offering what we have decided to call a ‘Music “dating” community’ where advanced search options make it possible for the users to find the exact artist or band they are looking or (for instance a band looking for a new member or a producer looking for a certain kind of singer for his next production), see their videos and easily

•decide if the certain artist is who they are looking for offering quality music entertainment to all music lovers out there!