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Audio & Video Services

Multimedia Services

At Afinastar Entertainment we have a range of audio and video production capabilities. We utilize the latest audio and video editing programs available today to apply in our projects as needed in order to make audio and video sound great. We have our own in-house recording studio.

Video Production Services

At Afinastar along with its subsidiaries we offer audio and video production for social media advertising, web and more. We do most of the work in-house and we look forward to your organization using our services. For more details and prices give us a call to setup a free consultation. Tel 209-227.4144

Working with Afinastar

Always remember that in most cases clients pay more attention to a television screen, tablet or phone screen than cold sales and even sometimes print (depending on type of advertisement). Making dynamic visual images and compelling videos help to tell the story about you and your organization, your products and services faster and bring the message across more effectively. It’s true, a picture or the right video can tell a thousand words and will leave a lasting impression on your client and target audience.

From developing the concept through presentation, we will work with you to deliver a successful program idea within your budget. We bring our creative energy to your product demos, audio messages, corporate and industrial videos.

Whether it is coordinating a camera location shoot or image designation, we can handle the details. In addition, we have access to a great musical selection that can accompany your audio or video program’s narration and visuals. However, If you need an original, customized musical score, we can create one that best reflects your goal.

Videos dramatically increase your client’s interest and response rate to your products and services and are a positive, fast and cost-effective communications tool for:

Sales and marketing presentations and promotions
Product demonstration
Company profiles
Multimedia presentations
TV advertising
Staff induction and Safety Training
Event coverage

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