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Business Management & Consulting

Consulting & Specialized Services

At Afinastar we have a specific approach when taking on a new client. The steps detailed below will help you to better understand the process we go through with each new customer.

What Do We Do

•Identify clients needs and requirements of their daily business operations
•Review the organizations existing procedures
•Prepare recommendations as applicable
•Develop operating procedures based on approved recommendations
•Implement new/revised operating procedures
•Train staff if necessary on new operating procedures


•Review flow of information and communication between departments when applicable
•Review forms and materials used to communicate information
•Prepare recommendations to improve information exchange as applicable
•Design and present revised forms as necessary of information exchange as requested
•Implement approved materials
•Train staff if and when necessary


•Review in house daily business operations
•Evaluate cost efficiency of business operations
•Evaluate the use of personnel carrying out daily business operations
•Prepare suggestions to streamline in house operations as applicable
•Present recommendations to increase personnel productivity as applicable
•Present recommendations to better utilize / reorganize existing staff as applicable

The vast majority of business owners we meet are incredibly busy people. There are some who try to touch everything in their business, but, often find they simply cannot do it all. That is where we come in.

Afinastar helps these business owners by creating, developing and implementing procedures and guidelines that wont occupy too much of their time. In essence, we become an extension of the owners team. We provide professional support services, but, for a cost that is far less than a full time employee would cost.

We Sweat The Details

Our goal at Afinastar is to establish a streamline business operation – an operation that runs effectively and efficiently and absolutely meets the needs of your clients or customers. A customer or clients experience begins with the first phone call or visit to your company and should be a fine tuned system of the highest efficiencies including excellent customer service, with a complete understanding of their every employees duties and esponsibilities.

Improving Business One Step at a Time”

Three Steps to change your current condition and improve your business culture:
1.Assess your business to determine the culture; skill levels; job responsibilities; lines of communication; systems of accountability; and overall business operations.
2.Develop Strategic Plans that will result in meeting your goals, objectives and improve cash flow and overall profitability.
3.Implement a plan of action that will change your current condition

As our client you know where your business stands at all times. You’ll be the first to identify problems in your business, not the last.

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